Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas:

So serious, one ponders why so serious
So driven, one wonders where am I in the movement
So competitive, one wonders for whom

As the driver takes charge, she rides
With absolute abandon, awakening
The ram yam within, that inner delight
Where one is so nonchalantly involved
Giving the planets no chance but to align
So she can shine with absolute involvement

Amidst the slothful machinery
Lubricating and enlivening
With the cheeky spark
That is present in her eye
And speaks through her smile



Image by GLady from Pixabay

Dumbed by routine
Defiant to the core
Distressed without light
Deviating from the path
Distractions galore

Alas! She loses Him
Terrified she searches
Phew! the afterthought
A powerful thunderbolt
Restoring the Realisation that

He can never be lost to her
As long as she doesn’t
Lose herself to the external
Knowing this, she now chooses
To dissolve herself within the internal

Thus finding herself
Amidst The Eternal…



Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay

As the hammer of pain strikes the brain
The senses tear away in directionless space
As the 5 horses pull away, energy dissipates
Capaciously making way for the arising

Of demonic desire that draws forth the onslaught of thought
As the intellect loses control over the harness
Even the smoothest of paths
Feels like an endless bed of thorns

As thought and energy strike each other
With a terrifying vengeance, physical pain
Transmutes into a serious psychological suffering
The witness is forced to play the hunger games
Engulfed by shrieking screams and flooded with bloody tears

He watches the march of the forgotten past
Catching up to exact vengeance on the eternal present
As the mutilations succeed, he dissolves the memory
In the tumultuous Tsunami of Pain which moans into the stillness
Of Moana where Mounam(Tamil word)…
Speaks again in a thousand silent waves



Image by Pexels from Pixabay

When Mr searched for a Miss

He got only misses

But when Mr. found his Mrs.

He got a lot of kisses

Now, effervescent

He sparkles like the fizzes

Often forgetting

Those underlying hisses

Bitten and broken

They find the missing pieces

Putting them together, Mr and Mrs

Rise together in blushing blesses.

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Tick tock tick tock
Runs the second hand
Striving to overtake the minute
Which in turn makes the hour
Just mundane maneuvers in space
Creates the mesmerizing maze of time
A riddle cracking up the mad hatter
And not a naive Alice who is after a rabbit
Tick tock tick tock goes the clock
As the past futures forward
The future flows past backward
Merging within a duration less present
Often called the “now”



Image by Peace,love,happiness from Pixabay

The fiery masculine asserts
The cerulean feminine assuages

The stubborn masculine is insecure in its arrogance
The meek feminine is secure in its ignorance

The tyrannical masculine calculates
The malevolent feminine manipulates

The selfish masculine takes
The self-castigating feminines gives

The economic masculine produces
The aesthetic feminine creates

The pompous masculine kills the other
The catholic feminine kills herself

The earthy masculine holds
The breezy feminine grows

As the magnificent masculine tandav
And the exquisite feminine lasya

Dance themselves to a glorious naught
They experience the other within

Embarking on a together journey
To seek That freedom which is without…