The victory of Durga

infinitesimal ripples of water amidst the boundless ocean
Vacillate back and forth
Milking themselves into knotty-spirals

Within Her primordial golden womb
They crackle gloriously
Electrified and Sublimated back
Into the vast canvas of the Big Bang

In between she rises and dances
As fire!
That conquers and creates,
Dispelling the darkness and
Birthing the dawn of civilisation.

The infuser of life into mattered-energy
And evoker of the illumined mind
To harmonise the child-like play of life-energy
Refuge in thee ,
Kills the hydra headed mahisha,
The excruciatingly wicked mind that exhausts endlessly
Against whom,
You unleash the effulgent golden lion
To lick and purify the soiled mental mirror
From even those red ribosomal remnants
Of rowdy hydrascopic nuclei

As the ultimate rider of the golden light
From whom you emanate in multiplicities
You are perhaps the only human hope
To observe
The difference between
The duplicitous
The Divine.

Mythical Greek Hydra